Advanced-Graphics Ebooks℠

Ground-breaking techniques that push back the boundaries of visual design in ebooks.

Publishers invest generously in beautiful visual design for the print editions of their magazines and books. Now it is possible to imbue the electronic edition with the same look and feel that shapes the reading experience in the print edition.

These special techniques and workarounds function inside the existing framework that your readership are currently using.

“Cool!”—That’s the most-common reaction when someone sees an AG Ebook℠ for the first time.

Advanced-Graphics Ebooks℠ paves the way for sublime reader experiences, better customer reviews, and increased unit sales.

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Expert-level hand coding of Kindle and EPUB ebooks.

The most solidly-performing and most beautifully-formatted ebooks available anywhere in the world of publishing.

Twenty years’ experience, as a typographer, production artist, author, and editor, shows through in every project.


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by Bryce W. Drennan


Indigo Designer’s Companion

by Bryce W. Drennan

A 314-page book for graphic designers about achieving excellent results when printing with Indigo’s Electro-Ink technology.

A few remaining copies of this 1996 gem are still in stock, available directly from the publisher through

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Updated 04 July 2013

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