About Bryce


Bryce W. Drennan is an author and technician, with advanced expertise in both print and digital publishing. He is a consultant to magazine publishers in the association market and to other publishers, to service providers, and to advertisers. He is the technical developer and the original service provider of the Advanced-Graphics Ebooks℠ techniques, the Director of the MVP Roundtable™, and the author of the FlexQuan Contract™ standard for web printing.

“I am a passionate-typographer transplant from the print side, now raising the level of excellence in the world of ebooks. I stand opposed to the race to the bottom. I hand code everything with an eye toward visual design. I test thoroughly to ensure fluid performance across the full range of devices. I have a passel of special techniques and workarounds that I developed myself, that propel my projects into a class that I have yet to discover elsewhere, even among the biggest publishers.”

Bryce W. Drennan creates finely-crafted ebooks, tested for smooth function, working from any format, to any format. He provides a markedly superior reading experience over typical ebooks, creating higher perceived value for readers.

He specializes in Advanced-Graphics Ebooks℠ conversions, high-quality straight conversions, magazines, and other challenging ebook projects.

Bryce has twenty years of experience in publishing as a typographer, graphic designer, skilled prepress operator, editor, and author.

He is based in the Washington-DC area. Bryce’s hobbies include rowing, baking, and writing about himself in the third person.



“Advanced-Graphics Ebooks” and “AG Ebooks” are service marks of Bryce W. Drennan. “Ebooks are Now Beautiful” is a trademark of Bryce W. Drennan.