Reading Your Magazine on Your Smartphone Using the Kindle App

Side Loading “Personal Documents”

by Bryce W. Drennan


In a Nut Shell

This article discusses a few of the many available techniques for getting your magazine onto your smartphone.

For the simplest method,

1) download the Kindle (“.mobi”) file to your computer,
2) connect your smartphone to your computer, then
3) copy the file from your computer to the folder “kindle” on your smartphone.

(That method appears below as “Method One.”)

If you’re using an Android device, then that’s pretty much the whole story. If you’re using an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), it’s the same, except that you use iTunes to copy the file to your device. Place the mobi file in the window "Kindle Documents."

If you feel that that’s enough information for you, then you might not need the rest of this article. Read on if you want detailed instructions, more background, or if you want to explore some alternative methods.


You’ll need a few things in place before you begin.

Your Account at

Installing the Kindle App on Your Smartphone

Registering Your Kindle App

A Few Terms to Know

Your Kindle Library

“Personal Documents”

Side Load

Mobi File


Adding the Magazine to Your Kindle Library

For these instructions, you should already have the Kindle app installed on your device and registered to your Amazon account.

Method One for Apple iOS, Side Load from Your Computer

Method One for Android, Side Load from Your Computer

This is the simplest method to explain, and the least effort over the short term.

Method Two, Send an Email Attachment to Your Device’s “Send-to-Kindle E-mail Address”

The notes explain a few drawbacks to this method.

Method Three, Download Directly to Your Android Smartphone

This method is more advanced. It can be more convenient, but it has extra requirements.

Other Helpful Resources


Happy reading!


Updated July 13, 2012