A Few Terms to Know


Your Kindle Library

Associated with your Amazon account, you have a Kindle library. All your Kindle publications, books, magazines, or anything else, will be part of your Kindle library. Amazon stores your entire Kindle library externally on their servers.

When you launch your Kindle app, your device automatically will use the internet to synchronize its content with the content in your Kindle library, copying any new titles that are in one place and not the other. It will copy any new titles from Amazon’s servers to your device, and vice versa.

“Personal Documents”

Amazon uses this term to refer to any title that you did not acquire via Amazon. According to Amazon, any title that you side load, whether book, magazine, or other, is a “personal document.”

Side Load

This means to copy a file directly to your device, as opposed to acquiring a title through Amazon.

Mobi File

“Mobi” is short for “Mobipocket.” This is a file format that Kindle devices understand.


This is an open-standard file format directly supported by all e-reader devices except Kindle.

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