Method Three, Download Directly to Your Android Smartphone


This method won’t work for Apple iOS, if you rely on iPhone’s standard configuration, because Apple’s browser, Safari, does not allow you to download files from the internet. You can, however, install a third-party download-manager app and then adapt these instructions.

Even for Android, this method is a bit more advanced, because it requires that you have a file-manager app installed on your smartphone. Of the many available choices, I use “ES File Explorer” from Estrongs.

In contrast to your smartphone, on your desktop or laptop, you can view the contents of folders and move files around. Though you can’t normally do that on a smartphone, you can do that if you install a file-manager app.

Use a download link to get the file to your folder “Downloads.”

If your phone displays the warning message “The content is not supported,” then select “Download.”

Launch your file-manager app and move the mobi file from the folder “download” to the folder “kindle.”

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